Facemask prevents store from ID'ing man who stole a 3-foot, 40-pound dildo in broad daylight

TMZ reports that a 3-foot-tall dildo, weighing in at 40 pounds, was stolen in the middle of the day from a sex shop in Las Vegas. The dildo, which is affectionately known as "The Moby," as in Dick, for reasons that I suppose are rather obvious, retails for $1250.

However, it's also available on Amazon for a mere $550.

Fortunately for our health but unfortunately for the staff at the sex shop, the culprit was wearing a facemask, and thus could not be identified with surveillance footage. He alleged crammed the faux phallus into a white sedan "similar to a Dodge Caliber" and made off.

I'm not sure what the resell market is like for stolen giant dildos, but I'm sure this whily thief has a plan.

Man steals 3-foot-tall, 40-pound dildo from Las Vegas sex shop [Stephanie Haas and Yaron Steinbuch / NY Post]