These discounted computer accessories could help improve your WFH flow

Love or hate your current work from home setup, it never hurts to explore your options. To help, we've assembled nearly 20 attention-grabbing deals on some of the best mouse and keyboard offers around right now to upgrade your current situation.


Wireless Optical Mouse – $12.99; originally $29

No one needs to be using a wired mouse anymore. This wireless optical mouse syncs to your computer or laptop from up to 30 feet away so you can focus on staying productive and not untangling tied-up cords. And unlike a traditional ball mouse, this one doesn't have any moving parts, so it doesn't accumulate dirt and grime like its hard-traveled mouse brothers.

2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse – $14.99; originally $29

In addition to a range of 33 feet, this mouse is equipped with six separate buttons to allow you even more precise control as you scroll through web pages, compose documents and more. With a resolution of 800/1600 DPI, this mouse offers fast speed whether you're doing simple browsing or intensive work like gaming.

Sinji Ergonomic Mouse – $22.95; originally $33

This ergonomic mouse has a patented shape that shifts how your hand is supported, preventing the pain and damage to the wrist and forearm from prolonged computer use. It also lets you adjust the speed of the cursor to match your working speed, plus it's sporting a light-emitting edge so you can work in low light situations.

Mouse Pads

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad – $16.99; originally $25

Unless cheap sponge mousepads, the leather-like feel gives this pad a touch of class, not to mention a better surface for more precise mouse movements. It also has a built-in battery to send a charge to any Qi-enabled wireless charging smartphone.

Numi Power Mat Wireless Charging Mouse Pad – $32.99; originally $39

While the Power Mat feeds fast-charging power to your Qi-certified devices (it even charges through cases), it also has a state-of-the-art housing design that diffuses charging heat away from your phone. It also features a "sticky pad" target so you'll always know where to put your phone for optimal charging without sliding off.


Gotek Slim Wireless Keyboard – $40.99; originally $49

Super-trim, compact and lightweight, this Bluetooth-enabled keyboard can go anywhere — with its 450mAh lithium battery backing it up with up to 100 operational hours. It even has backlit keys and its own phone/pad stand to connect it easily to your favorite mobile device and type at top speeds.

Gotek Voyage Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard – $71.99; originally $89

This V-shaped keyboard has a 166-degree angle, creating a natural typing position that minimizes pressure on your hands and wrists. This one also syncs to Bluetooth-compatible devices, making your on-the-go typing both faster and more ergonomically pleasing to your twisted fingers.

Portable Flexible Silicone Keyboard – $13.99; originally $39

It's a keyboard you can just roll up and stick in your bag. Made of durable silicone, you can wipe this slim and lightweight keyboard with a damp cloth and it's ready to go, as well as being ultra-quiet. Just connect it via USB and you're set to type.

Roller Wireless Rollable Keyboard – $61.99; originally $69

This roll-up keyboard is Bluetooth-compatible, has an automatic on-off function so it lasts from nearly 300 hours and it comes with a built-in cradle to easily dock your smartphone or tablet for convenient viewing as you type. It even works on up to three simultaneously connected devices.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-In Stand – $70.99; originally $79

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard with Touch-Pad – $71.99; originally $79

These two models from Rego Tech both hinge on easy Bluetooth compatibility and foldable,  portable use virtually anywhere out in the world — but each also comes with their own snazzy extra feature to appeal to a particular type of user. 

For those who take lots of notes or write long email messages, you can get the foldable keyboard with the built-in stand feature, ready to support any device with up to a 10-inch screen size so you can use it like a de facto laptop out in the field.

But if you can't get around not having a mouse, the model with its own built-in touchpad should help you overcome the issue. Guide your cursor with your finger through the responsive foldable touchpad and take full advantage of the automatic sleep function, which conserves power and affords you up to 48 hours of working time on a single charge.

Gotype Rollable Keyboard with Bluetooth Speaker – $83.99; originally $99

If you're a music fan, how about a rollup keyboard that sports its own Bluetooth speaker? With a single touch, this keyboard and its built-in stand fold out to support a phone or tablet, all while housing a stereo-quality speaker that can help pump up the bass or your latest conference call. It also features powerful magnets to hold this ingeniously constructed assembly together for a stable, yet portable work configuration.

TAP STRAP 2: All-in-1 Wearable Keyboard, Mouse and Controller – $99.99; originally $129

The Tap Strap turns virtually any surface into your keyboard. This wearable tech syncs to your phone or tablet and allows you to web surf, type or do typical mouse operations all with your own finger movements. The extremely versatile Tap Strap doesn't just type either. You can use it to control your Powerpoint presentation or even as a game controller.

Universal Mini Foldable Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad – $103.99; originally $129

Made of aircraft-grade materials, this portable keyboard is designed to last. Engineered to withstand impacts, this Bluetooth-enabled keyboard with its own touchpad can take on the world's dangers and come through with flying colors. Created to survive up to 3 million keystrokes, the foldable, durable device compatible with Windows, Android, or iOS can be your go-to keyboard for a very long time.


Apple Magic Mouse 2 Bluetooth – Silver (Certified Refurbished) – $54.99; originally $79

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Bluetooth – Space Gray (Certified Refurbished) – $79.99; originally $99

Just as they do with their Mac computers, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the super-slick, fully optimized mouse Apple users demand. These units sync automatically to your Apple tech. With a continuous bottom shell and optimized foot design, this mouse tracks easier and moves with less resistance. It also includes a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges fast and lasts about a month between charges.

Whether you go with the silver or space gray variations, you're getting a fully refurbished mouse certified by Apple to work as well as any you'd get out of the box.

MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2 – $10.99; originally $14

These simple soft cushions turn the Magic Mouse into an ergonomically friendly Magic Mouse. With these, you get a larger, concave surface so you can widen your grip on the mouse and save yourself the wrist fatigue and possible carpal tunnel effects. And they even look good working with Apple's smooth design elements for the mouse.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Refurbished) – $99; originally $129

Work faster and more efficiently with Apple's famous convenience with the Magic Keyboard. This sleek, Bluetooth-compatible keyboard features an extended layout with numeric keypad, document navigation controls, full-size arrow keys, a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key, as well as optimized key travel, all with a very low profile and a built-in, rechargeable battery that should run for about a month between charges.

Prices are subject to change.