This couple turned reclaimed materials into a submarine-themed tiny house

Boyce Langston from Living Big in a Tiny House visits Keith and Jen, who created a yellow submarine in their backyard. It started with a small grain silo that Keith bought for next to nothing, then they kept adding little flourishes. Now they use it as a bed and breakfast or a guest house.

Boyce sez:

The yellow submarine has almost entirely been constructed using up-cycled materials. From old spa baths, to radar domes, you'll be amazed at how all these old parts have been combined to create a remarkable small bnb. For Keith And Jen, this project was all about putting their creativity to the test, having fun, and creating a tiny house experience that would be entertaining for visitors.

Keith and Jen look like the delightfully eccentric neighbors we all wish we had!

Image: YouTube / Living Big In A Tiny House