A blueprint to build a Mini Man to burn

On September 5, the Burning Man Project is hosting Burn Night: Live From Home, "a worldwide, around-the-clock Burn Night extravaganza." Pre-recorded and live burns will be live-streamed for a full 24 hours. To encourage participation, they've created a detailed blueprint so at-home Burners can build (and later burn) a simplified two-foot Mini Man.

Timing Your Burn Night (Wherever You Are!)

Tentative scheduled start time is 2am PDT September 5th (that's 9pm NZST in New Zealand).

Burns will begin in New Zealand and roll westward approximately hourly, culminating in the US West Coast and Hawaii, with special Fire Conclave performances at 7pm PDT.

Our collective Burn extravaganza will tentatively wrap up at 2am PDT on Sept 6 (that's 11pm HST in Hawaii). This schedule will adjust based on your submissions!


screengrab via Burning Man