Pixar director shows how to make flipbooks, from inside his closet

To escape the noise of children playing, Pixar's Pete Docter (director of Monsters, Inc., Up, Inside Out, and the upcoming Soul) stepped into his home closet to give a tutorial on making flipbooks. Don't mind the flying fluff, this is a fun lesson in analog animation. Read the rest

Watch how to animate still photos with Plotagraph

Ever wonder how to make those trippy cinemagraphs and animated gifs? One fairly easy was it with Plotagraph, as demonstrated in this tutorial. Read the rest

Watch a charming tutorial on how to repurpose teabags into art

Artist Anne Eichhorn shows how she uses watercolors, pen, and typewriters to create charming little pieces of art and jewelry from used teabags. Read the rest

Make your own 'Lesa Hall' style portraits

Remember the botched retouching on those family portraits I recently shared? (Who could forget?!)

Well folks, there's already a tutorial on how to retouch images like the photographer Lesa Hall did. Finnish photographer Antti Karppinen shows the way.

Do your best (worst?)! Read the rest

Watch this artist repaint a Barbie doll to look like Wonder Woman

Watch as an off-the-shelf Barbie gets a superhero makeover in this delightful tutorial. Includes a list of materials used and a very relaxing voiceover. Read the rest

Watch how an artist makes gorgeous watercolor patterns

Josie Lewis creates beautiful geometric watercolor paintings. In this video, she shows you how if you're ready to move past adult coloring books. Read the rest

Cool melting skull makeup tutorial

If you start practicing now, you might be ready to debut Desi Perkins' creepy melting skull makeup for Halloween. Read the rest

Emulator lets you turn NES games 3D

Super Mario Bros and other classic games can be run through 3DNes, a nifty 3D emulator. Read the rest