Joe Arpaio welcomes furries to Arizona, then is told what furries are

Former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, now himself a convicted criminal, is among America's most plainspoken racists and bigots. So it was a surprise when he issued a warm personal welcome to visitors hoping to make it to a the 2021 furry convention in Phoenix. The surprise, however, was also his: he had no idea what a furry was, or why the person who made the request would have a name like "Sir Yiffs-a-Lot"

"Hey, good luck organizing the Arizona Furry convention," Arpaio begins, though he pronounces it "Fury," suggesting he's not totally certain what he's been asked to talk about. It's "for animal lovers," he adds by way of explanation.

"I've always loved animals, fought those that abused animals and will continue to do so," he continues. "In any event, have a great convention."