South Dakota Attorney General finds body of man he killed

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg admits that he ran over and killed a man while driving home from a Republican fundraiser on Saturday night. He claimed to have thought he struck a deer, to have reported this immediately, and to have then returned to the remote stretch of U.S. Highway 14 the following day to find the body of Joseph Boever, 55. CBS News describes it as "the latest twist in a grim incident where information has come out slowly" and reports that authorities are not providing any further information or even confirming whether Ravnsborg called 911.

"My worst fear is that they're trying to get ducks in a row to absolve the attorney general of any wrongdoing," Nick Nemec said.

Ravnsborg had been at a fundraising dinner hosted by the Spink County Republicans at Rooster's Bar & Grill. The attorney general is known to be a frequent attendee of the fundraisers known as Lincoln Day Dinners, held by county GOP groups across the state.

Bormann said the attorney general drinks occasionally, but has made it a practice not to drink at the Lincoln Day events.

What, don't you go back to check on your roadkill the next morning?