'Army For Trump' ads incite armed militias to intimidate voters in 'election security operation', also Don Jr. doesn't look so good

President Donald Trump's son stars in this new "defend your ballot" ad, and says: "We need every able-bodied man and woman to join Army for Trump's election security operation…we need you to help us watch them."

Holy shit.

I mean, what else does one even say about these insane nwq Trump-Pence ads, and the curiously addled Don Jr., who resembles a crackhead in the throes of addiction? What else does one say, but holy shit. Long past time for Twitter and Facebook, where these ads are trending, to take action — the ads are lying, and they're inciting armed violence against Americans.

Via Vera Bergengruen, this is the full text of Donald Trump Jr.'s ad rallying supporters to join "Army for Trump's election security operation," shared by the Trump campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


Observations from reporters on Twitter, below.