Here's how to make this cool origami dragon

Jo Nakashima has made a few improvements on his origami dragon design for 2020. It's great because he now shows the illustrated diagram while doing the folding:

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make an origami Dragon step by step. This new version of my origami dragon has not only a better shape, but also more improvements! It has a longer neck, tail and horns, better structure with less tension (so it holds better the shape) and a better folding sequence. I hope the video length does not discourage you to fold it, it's not that hard! (actually, maybe it's even easier than the first version because the folding sequence is better)

The key to good origami is good paper, so if you are going to try something complex, it's not that expensive and gives a much better result!

Image: YouTube / Origami with Jo Nakashima