This Florida Budweiser House could be yours for just $100,000

From the listing on

Budweiser's biggest fan meticulously adorned the walls and ceilings with Budweiser beer cans to display and showcase their intense love for one of America's favorite domestic brews! Whether you keep the current decor for your Youtube beer show or decide to renovate the home, this property offers tons of entertainment potential! Semi-open to the living room, the kitchen features a passthrough window, ample counterspace and cabinetry, refrigerator, range/oven, and a separate dining area! When guests are visiting, gather on the screened-in patio or opt to treat them to the many amenities!

That's right: it's an entire home meticulously decorated with Budweiser cans-as-wallpaper. Wow. Truly incredible modern art, that.

I'm not super-familiar with the Lake Worth, Florida real estate market, but $100,000 for an 815-square-foot 2 bed/2 bath doesn't sound too terrible, and you might be able to make some money recycling all those cans (if that's what you wanted to).

I kind of wish they'd committed to the Budweiser theme with the bathroom though. But really, it's the Yankees decor that ruins the place for me.

4707 Lucerne Lakes Blvd E Apt 102, Lake Worth, FL, 33467