5 year-old-boy obsessed with Kraftwerk, says parent

Posting on Reddit, vinylemulator reports that their 5 year-old son will listen only to Kraftwerk, and that listening to Kraftwerk is now absolutely mandatory at all times.

"I thought it would be fun one time to let my five year old decide what record to put on. I gave him a few options and he chose Kraftwerk, I think mostly because he does "craft work" (ie sticking glitter on things) with his granny so associated it with something fun. Big mistake," they posted to the r/vinyl community. "The kid is now literally obsessed with Kraftwerk. When we try to listen to other music he's like "this isn't Kraftwerk" and even when I try to lie to him and be like, yeah sure Moana is Kraftwerk he sees through my subterfuge and demands actual 70s German EDM rather than whatever bs I'm trying to pass off on him. He's 5."

Now you will listen to Kraftwerk. Do it. Hey, I don't make the rules.