Virtual shipbuilding time-lapse shows the making of the Obra Dinn

Lucas Pope's The Return of the Obra Dinn is one of the most interesting and unique games of the last few years. The vessel washes up in England in 1807, an abandoned ghost ship, and you're the insurance adjuster sent in to figure out what became of its cargo, crew and passengers. Armed with an eldritch pocketwatch that offers a psychic glimpse of each person's moment of death, you solve the mystery through logic and observation, all the while enjoying a pixelated 1-bit aesthetic that captures the spirit of nautical woodcut prints. Pope just released a time-lapse recording of him creating the game's star, the Obra Dinn, a work of many months.

This is a linear playback of all my edits in Maya and was generated using a set of custom tools to capture the data, process it, and replay it in a marginally coherent way. If you haven't played the game, this video will be confusing and boring. If you have played the game, same problem.

There are big spoilers lurking in the otherwise very placid 49-minute video. I say placid, but I did Homer-scream, again, when the s█████ of the s██ turned up, again.