This very socially-distanced office is floating in the middle of the East River

There's precautions and then there's precautions. If you're really trying to not get COVID-19, working on a makeshift floating office in the middle of New York's East River isn't the worst idea. It's also probably not the best one. Either way, the good folks at Improv Everywhere have made it happen. 

The workspace included breathtaking views of the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline, providing the ultimate Zoom background. New Yorkers on land and sea were surprised and delighted by the sight of this extreme work from home measure. This unauthorized project was a collaboration with Tideland Institute

This project was inspired by conversations we had with our friends at Tideland Institute, whose mission is to promote culture on New York's water. In thinking about things we could do that would be COVID-19 safe, we got excited about the idea of creating something in the middle of the river. With everyone working from home in cramped apartments, we thought a socially distanced office would be the perfect thing.

Learn how they did it and who made the project go viral on TikTok (before this video was out to the public): New York's Most Socially Distanced Office.

screengrab via Improv Everywhere/YouTube