Win the rights for your ghost to haunt this movie theater

Like many independent movie houses and concert venues, the Regent Theatre in Picton, Ontario is in dire straits after eights months of closure due to COVID-19. The raise money, they've created a raffle with the winner gaining the rights, after death, to haunt the theater forevermore. A $25 ticket and some luck could set you up for the hereafter. From CTV News:

"All the grand old theatres in the world, in London and New York and Toronto, they all have ghost stories attached to them," [Regent Theatre Foundation Board Chair Ben] Thornton says. "Phantoms haunt the stages and the dressing rooms and scare the audience, so we thought, well, why not here?"

Thornton says the theatre is looking for someone who is a big supporter of the arts.

"But it wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone a bit theatrical," he explains. "Someone to practice their moans and groans. We don't want to scare the pants off of anybody but a little bit of a jump in a dark theatre, why not?"

image: Google Maps