Forge abstract art in Low Grade Fraud Shop

The title "Low Grade Fraud Shop" drew my eye, and it turned out to be an unusual and joyously cynical art-making game. As a harried art forger's new apprentice, you must make copies of valuable artwork as quickly as possible using various crude brushes and a limited palette. You draw on-screen in a crazed hurry (a graphics tablet or pen are not strictly necessary, but help) as an anxiety-inducing timer ticks down. The artworks to be copied are abstract trash, and seem to be created with the same tools the master meanly supplies. The secret of a good copy is to have bought the brush upgrades and to have the knack of layering colors to create fine details.

Nonetheless, I've failed to beat 85/100 on a copy, so I doubt I have much of a future in Dafen. But the buyers here don't seem to mind.

Low Grade Fraud Shop [] is by Sheepdog and available free of charge on Windows and MacOS.