TourBox lets you ditch the keyboard and mouse for ultra-heightened control of your digital projects.

Keyboards and mice are fine for surfing the web. They're fine for working in spreadsheets, assembling a text document or for sorting through emails. But when users need precision control, the old keyboard and mouse often don't quite cut it anymore.

For gamers, they turn to souped-up joysticks with a host of extra buttons and toggle switches to achieve optimal control during gameplay. That level of extreme command over how you move and work on a digital workstation is no different for creative professionals working on intricate image, graphic or video editing projects.

TourBox is the joystick for those creative experts who need both the speed and control that the keyboard and mouse just can't provide. 

A look at the TourBox controller can initially be overwhelming. A compact black box less than 5 inches long, its surface is packed with 11 different buttons and three dials, each distinctively engineered to look and feel unique. After working with TourBox, each control takes on its own feel, helping users nimbly zip through repetitive tasks almost subconsciously, shaving minutes and ultimately hours off your work time.

TourBox is designed to work seamlessly with more than a dozen of the most popular digital creation programs, including the Adobe Creative Suite of apps. From image editing work in Lightroom and Photoshop to video projects in Premiere to graphic design and art pieces in Illustrator and InDesign, TourBox is configured to serve up a handful of basic program functions users can dish out with a button press or a dial shift. Of course, TourBox also works with loads of other creative aid apps, such as Final Cut Pro, Capture One, Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio, DaVinci and more.

While users can download special configurations for each program to automatically assign tasks to each TourBox control, it can also be fully customized to allow the exact task you want via the exact button, knob, scroller or wheel that makes sense to you.

The TourBox's versatility extends to its compatibility as well, working easily in both Windows and Mac OS environments.

The TourBox is regularly $169, but with the current nearly $20 savings, users can take heightened control of their digital projects for just $149.99

Prices are subject to change.

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