Play-Doh for Grown ups smells like adult things: Overpriced Latte, Mom Jeans, and more

Play-Doh has a new product line created with adults in mind. In fact it's called Play-Doh for Grown Ups. There are six "adult-themed" scents: Overpriced Latte (coffee); Mom Jeans (clean denim); Grill King (smoked meats); Dad Sneakers (rubber); Spa Day (floral); and Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass).

Hasbro's Leena Vadaketh told HuffPost the "aromas are meant to evoke everyday things that bring adults joy, like brand-new shoes or freshly cut grass" and are meant for "anyone who loves a good laugh."

Oddly, there isn't a Play-Doh for Grown Ups that smells like real adulthood. But what would existential angst smell like anyway?