What will happen to your shows in 2021?

The runaway train that is streaming services, cable TV and the networks offering brand new and diverse content, also known as peak TV, is going to slow down in the coming months. Yes, the industry has found ways to continue production of shows and movies with effective Covid-19 safety precautions, but with these fixes comes a hefty price tag, and the casualties are high. The Kirsten Dunst dramedy On Becoming a God in Central Florida on Showtime is just one of them.

From Rolling Stone:

In recent weeks, the pandemic has resulted in a wave of "un-renewals," a term which means exactly what it sounds like: TV shows who've had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by networks and streamers that no longer want to make planned new seasons under these rapidly-shifting economic conditions.

If a tried-and-true series continues to show a high demand then the cost for daily testing, PPE, updated HVAC systems in studios, quarantine restrictions if production needs to go out of state, etc., may be worth it. Like any kind of business, the numbers have to add up, whether the show is critically acclaimed or not.

Will things like green screens, production simplification and limiting the amount of acting roles be essential in keeping costs down? How would that affect the quality we've been enjoying? We shall see. One thing is already true: fewer new shows coming to us, so prepare to indulge in old movies, classic shows and maybe even a book for our 2021 entertainment.