Must be the season of the witch

Here's a little Halloween treat, a conversation with Boing Boing contributor, Peter Bebergal (Season of the Witch, Strange Frequencies) on The Vibe of the Tribe Podcast. Peter talks with the hosts about the monsters of Jewish folklore.

This Halloween, get spooked by monsters of Jewish lore as occult expert Peter Bebergal returns to The Vibe of the Tribe, escorting Miriam, Dan and Ashley on their ongoing quest into the Jewish supernatural world.

Discover your new favorite monster in Jewish tradition, what the Talmud recommends doing if you suspect you're infested by demons and how Solomon, King of Israel, and Ashmodai, King of Demons, became frenemies with the help of a magic worm. And, wait, does Lilith really sell cursed wedding dresses on Craigslist?!

Image: "Peter Bebergal and Daniel, Miriam, and Ashley of JewishBoston vs. The Witch of Endor and Zeke" by Miriam Anzovin (Derivative of "Saul and the Witch of Endor" by William Sidney Mount/Wikimedia Commons)