The 12 drone models are already on sale at Black Friday-level prices

If you're already stressing about holiday shopping, we get it. While we wouldn't normally advocate starting the holiday spending talk this early, there are too many big considerations happening right now to leave the finances and logistics of the season to the last minute this year.

Since a drone is probably near the top of any kid's (or big kid's) wishlist this year, you can actually find some very Black Friday-esque pricing happening right now of some popular drone models. Buy now — and maybe even ship to your destination early. The less stress happening those last couple weeks of December, the better, right?

DIY Drone Builder Kit – $35.97; originally $99

Why just fly your own drone when you can build it too? In fact, this kit not only gives you the pieces to assemble an actual working flying drone, it's also made out of cardboard and powered by conductive silver ink. So when you crash your craft, it's no problem — just get some more cardboard, draw some new power paths and get a new one up and flying.

E88 Four-Axis High-Definition Aerial Photography Drone – $59.95; originally $75

Made from high-strength, engineering-resistant plastic, this drone has a six-axis gyroscope and real-time WiFi transmission so you can connect to the app, fly and even take brilliant images and videos with the built-in 4K wide-angle camera. This bird serves up a super stable flight, easy controls and even a one-key return feature for emergency recalls.

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – $59.99; originally $149

TRNDlabs most powerful drone yet, Spectre offers top-notch control and stability, with four high-speed propellers, an impressive 50-meter range, and easy-to-use fly assist features, including enhanced auto take-off and landing, and the ability to hold its altitude. It's also got an HD camera for beautiful photos of hard-to-reach places.

Portable Foldable Ultimate 4K Drone – $60.99; originally $149

Suitable for indoors and out, this drone can launch right from the palm of your hand with an attractive "headless" design, making it harder to lose your orientation in the air as you cover distances up over 250 feet. You can also take wide-range HD aerial pictures and 4K video right through your phone.

Force1 U49WF Wi-Fi FPV Drone with HD Video Camera – $89.99; originally $149

Fully loaded with three-speed settings as well as 1-key take-off and landing, flying with this craft is amazingly simple. Along with altitude hold, full trim and real-time WiFi first-person viewing from the HD quality camera, you'll also get up to an extended 25 minutes of total flying time with the included extra drone battery.

Micro Drone 2.0+ with HD-Camera – $74.99; originally $175

Micro Drone 3.0 – Combo Pack – $129.97; originally $215

The Micro Drone flits through the air like a hummingbird, equipped to pull stunts like 360-degree flips with its onboard pre-programmed self-correcting algorithm for increased stabilization. While the 2.0 can more than keep you entertained with precision flighting, 720p HD videography and more, the 3.0 ups the ante, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph, as well as being capable of live drone footage in 3D when synced with a VR headset.

Snaptain SP500 GPS FPV Beginner Drone – $140; originally $159

Snaptain SP510 Foldable GPS FPV Drone with 2.7K Camera – $180; originally $199

Both of these Snaptain models are packed with smart features to make flying simple and more enjoyable. With the SP500, you can engage abilities like tap fly, so you can fly along the path you draw on the app to focus on capturing photos and videos; or follow me mode, to track the signal of your phone.

Meanwhile, the SP510, can shoot with a 90-degree adjustable angle camera, share high-quality images and video via 5G connectivity in real-time, use the point of interest feature to start circling your chosen subject, or engage the intelligent geofence so the drone never flies too far away.

Shift Red: HI-LITE Package – $184.95 after coupon; originally $199

The Shift Red is called the world's first and most intuitive drone control system with 8 auto-pilot modes, the one-hand, one-thumb controller, and near-field micro-sensing technology that precisely recognizes the drone's 3D locations and speeds. It's also packing virtual gimbal software inside, which reduces blur in your video when pivoting or tilting. And when you use the coupon code SHIFTRED15 during checkout, you can take another $15 off your price.

Ninja Dragons Powerful 5G WiFi FPV Drone with 4K HD Camera – $199; originally $249

This powerful, palm-size drone comes fully loaded with three speed settings, GPS location capabilities, a headless mode, map pointing, as well as intelligent beautification. And when you connect this remote control drone to your phone, you get gorgeous and stable 4K HD footage, all from a high capacity 1,300mAh battery that will keep the craft in the air longer.

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Alpine White – $449.99

DJI is one of the big names in drone technology — and the Spark is the airship that packs in all of their signature technologies. From facial recognition to intelligent flight modes to the ability to capture amazing aerial photos using just hand gestures, without a remote controller or mobile device. You can even edit and share all your video from the DJI app right to your favorite social platforms.

Prices are subject to change.

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