Lionel Richie can make you smell better with a little "Hello"

I'm always greeted by an employee with a "hello" as I enter a Walgreen's, and this time I caught Lionel Richie looking at me as I cut through the make-up section on my way to get a flu shot. "Hello", next to his pleasant photo, as if in a cartoon speech bubble. Lionel's eyes piercing through from the box of his "Hello" eau de parfum spray and body mist, daring me to look away.

Ok, yes, I laughed. I don't fault Mr. Richie for trying to make a buck, who isn't, right? But it still caught me off guard and I laughed directly at his spray and mist gift set for women. I didn't see the men's gift set but it would have also made me laugh, I'm certain.

It's similar to the chuckle the "Lionel Richie 'lost' flyer" gives me. Or the "Silent Hello: Lionel Richie's classic music video, but without the words." The earnest "Hello" from the 80's is cheesy and funny now.

You know, I'm sure it's good smells for your body. If you're looking to get it for yourself or your favorite Lionel Richie fan, and you trust that Mr. Richie knows how to curate a fine scent, go to your local Walgreen's and get some, or order it here.