Man claims Walgreens' fridges are the gateway to the apocalypse (video)

In 2019, Walgreens installed refrigerator doors with cameras that can recognize customers and see what they buy.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The company says it only produces and stores anonymous metadata that describes the size and demographics of an audience, and doesn't store or transmit image data or unique identifying information about shoppers. Walgreens also is posting a privacy statement and a concierge to answer customer questions near the coolers in its stores that test them, a Walgreens spokesman said.

It sounds like standard late-stage capitalism creepiness, but a concerned gentleman believes the antichrist is behind it and he has posted a video to prove it. He went to a Walgreens and trained his cellphone camera on the doors. "So they look like normal shelves, but they're not normal shelves," he said. "Every single one of them has infrared scanning sensors right here for your forehead, right? The mark of the beast on your right hand or your forehead."

He points to a button on the door with a microphone logo. "Speak to it. It sees you. Seek to wave. They're made out of super thick metal. If you don't have the mark later on, you won't be able to buy or sell unless you scan your hand on this. Then it's going to open for you. Then it's going to let you get whatever you need. But without the mark of the beast, you won't be able to use these in the future. These lock. Right now they're not locked, but they do lock. And they're made out of super thick metal with glass. You can't even break through them to get food."

He then quotes a passage from the Bible about the Antichrist and says that only people who can prove they are vaccinated against Covid will be able to "buy or sell."

He concludes, "They're going to collapse the economies and then bring in digital currency. The stage is set. They just need that one last social cataclysm to completely collapse the economies and bring in their new world order."

As Faketriots Watch, which posted the video to Xitter, notes, "None of that is true."