Awesome nail clippers

About 10 years ago I was in New York City, walking to Martha Stewart's office to interview her for Wired. About 10 minutes before my appointment, I noticed my fingernails looked too long for polite company. It suddenly became very important that I trim my nails immediately.

I spotted a bodega and found the tiny toiletries section. They had a pair of no-name clippers for $7 or $8. I bought them, quickly tore open the packaging, and went to work on my nails. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the clippers. They were either dull or misaligned. They just made dents in my nails, so I used them to create tear-lines to rip my nails off. I used the built-in file to smooth them out as much as possible. The results were passable — just barely. I don't think Martha noticed.

Anyway, these SZQHT 15mm Wide Jaw clippers are the opposite of the NYC bodega clippers. They even make clean cuts on my extra thick toenails. They're twice the price of the bodega clippers, but still a bargain.