Skip the coffee shop and get fresh-brewed coffee right from this travel mug-sized brewer

We knew it had to happen, right? From old school brewers, to Keurigs, to Starbucks, and beyond, the art of brewing coffee has been put into overdrive in recent years. But, until now, we'd never really reached this point before–a coffee mug that actually brews its own coffee.

Whether you're a work-from-homer or a road warrior, the Kopipresso Brewer Mug is the perfect solution for enjoying your coffee. It's the world's first automatic handheld brewer–and yes, it's really just as innovative for coffee lovers as it sounds.

This brewer mug basically works just like a drip coffee maker or a Keurig machine, all packed into a unit that, essentially, looks like a travel mug. But, when you pop the lid off the stainless steel body, you'll see clasps inside to hold the carafe of fresh coffee grounds, or even Keurig single-serve K-cups.

With the carafe in place, it snaps easily into the headpiece so you can pour boiling water in. With the unit's sealed drip-resistant chambers, you won't need to worry about leaks once you lock down the headpiece. All you need then is to plug it into a USB connection, turn the whole mug upside down, and push the button. After one minute, you'll have a steaming-hot cup of coffee, ready to serve. 

This brewer even has some of the versatility of its larger cousins. The circular '3D stereo' brewing process ensures a higher degree of extraction from your K-cup coffee pods or ground coffee. Plus, you can increase the boldness of your brew with a second push of your brew button, extending your prep time by an extra minute for an even richer cup.

Its thermos heat conservation system keeps your coffee hot all morning, holding warmth for over 6 hours to ensure you get through your work session with enough java. Meanwhile, all the pieces come apart for easy cleaning as well.

This could be a perfect holiday gift… isn't this something a coffee addict would love? The Kopipresso Brewer Mug retails for $90, but right now, it's on sale for just $79.95.

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