The Alpcour Bike Stand turns your road bike into an awesome indoor bike

As the winter months settle in, a lot of our favorite outdoor activities will inevitably end up in deep-freeze until next spring's thaw. Unfortunately, one of those is cycling. But while rain, snow, chilly temperatures, and wet, hazardous conditions might keep your bike off the streets and trails until next year, that doesn't mean it has to sit idly by, gathering dust.

With the Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand, you can actually turn your mountain or road bike into a smooth-riding, stable indoor stationary bike, to help you continue your all-season training, as well as all your conditioning, fitness, and exercise goals.

With this simple stainless steel stand, there's no need to spend hundreds or thousands on a Peloton or another expensive exercise bike. Instead, this stand just attaches to a bike's back wheel, creating friction with a fluid flywheel mechanism.

While magnetic trainers have fixed resistance and rollers that force you to stay balanced, this fluid stand affords riders full control, allowing friction to build up the faster the pedals spin. This system fully mimics the physics of real biking, offering just the right feel for everything from breezy sprints to churning uphill grinds. With six incline levels accessible via remote, you can set the precise resistance control you want for the perfect ride.

Yet, while this system fully simulates the intensity of a real outdoor ride, the advanced magnetics provide fluid spin performance with the least amount of friction, which will actually help preserve your tube, tire, treads, and even your bike for the long haul.

Built for unwavering stability, the solid metal frame and wide-set design make the Alpcour an optimal alternative for riders of all shapes and sizes, from small children up to large adults.

For those who really don't look forward to all the whirring and humming you might expect from bringing a road bike indoors, this stand's noise reduction resistance wheel actually squelches sound, creating a new silent riding experience. And, in between rides, the entire package can be quickly folded up and stored in its super sturdy travel bag.

With an enthusiastic 4.4 out of 5 star rating from Amazon user reviews, the Alpcour Bike Trainer Stand is not only building a base of approving fan support, it's doing it with a discount offer right now. Regularly $220, shoppers can pick one up now at $20 off by entering the code BIKE20 at checkout. That brings your final total down to only $200.

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