This SwiftUI training course explains how to create an app for all of your Apple devices

App development isn't easy. Even if you've got a great idea for an app, building it and getting it into the hands of users is another story entirely. For example, if you decide to build an app for the iPhone, does that mean it automatically works in other Apple devices, like on an iPad? Or an Apple Watch?

SwiftUI was launched last year as a way to address that complicated question. It allows app creators to fully harness the full power of the Apple platform, assembling app interfaces that can then be contoured to fit each device's needs.

The training in the SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms Course breaks down that process, offering an inside view of creating for Apple devices that's logical, effective, and won't drive you nuts in the process.

This course includes 56 lectures and a full 10 hours of instruction content examining all of the basics for using SwiftUI to streamline and speed up app creation. The training is led by Nick Walter, an iOS developer who has been at the center of Apple mobile app design and creation for the past several years.

While many similar app-building courses explain the process in more abstract terms, Walter's course focuses on a specific app creation example, then extends that training across the full spectrum of Apple devices.

After getting up to speed on the basic mechanics and tools of using SwiftUI, students will then plunge into their first major project: creating an app called HypedList for the iPhone. While that's a great start, it's only the beginning. As the course continues, users learn how to make that iPhone app compatible on an iPad, a Mac, an Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Students will also learn how to make the app into a fully-functioning widget for use in a variety of different digital locations.

The training in the SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms course can turn you into a full-service Apple app creator, capable of generating products used across every type of Apple device. Normally a $199 bundle of training, you can get this insightful instruction now at over 90% off the regular price, at just $14.99.

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