From AWS to Azure to Google Cloud, this training can make you a top-notch cloud engineer

We know that more and more companies and organizations have been moving their operations to cloud-based systems for a while now. And, even if you suspected the COVID-19 pandemic might have fueled that rush to get even more of those home-based employees working in the cloud, you might still be surprised at the overall growth in cloud adoptions in 2020.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), reported a third-quarter net sales increase of 29%, or, as Amazon's Chief Financial Officer Brian T. Olsavsky, called it, "the largest we've ever seen." Over the same period, competitor, Google Cloud, boasted $3.4 billion in revenue, a 45% increase over the same quarter last year.

The cloud is bursting at the seams, and companies are ravenous for qualified cloud engineers to handle the demand. The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle can give you the training to help fulfill that demand.

This package covers a lot of ground, featuring five video courses that include almost 24 hours of training. The collection also includes a wealth of e-book learning as well, a total of 11 books that can help even cloud novices understand the various ways a qualified cloud expert can build, maintain, and grow an entire cloud-based network.

Whether you're interested in learning about AWS, Google Cloud, or another of the big cloud providers, this training comes with video instruction that digs into the ways each of the most popular cloud platforms operates.

In addition to examining AWS services and procedures in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) course, as well as how Google Cloud works in Google Cloud Platform For Techs, there's also training included on working with Microsoft Azure in the Learning Microsoft Azure: A Hands-On Training course. And, since customer management giant, Salesforce, is such a ubiquitous business presence today, there's also video training in their cloud service abilities for how Salesforce customers can maximize those offerings.  

Meanwhile, the 11 e-books serve to further train, and offer an expansive reference library to help cloud engineers work out smart cloud strategies and fix problems, regardless of their platform.

Between the video training and ebooks, The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle has a retail value around $800. However, the current deal cuts your price down to just $29.99 for the entire package.

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