Learn all about the new upgraded features of Google Analytics with this training bundle

Google Analytics used to just be a platform you could use to find out how many people went to your website. While basic traffic-tracking and other monitoring is still the bread and butter of this analytics tool, GA has definitely grown up over the years.

With the fourth version of Google Analytics released just last month, the app now has deeper features, powered by machine learning. In addition to automatically sending notifications when your page or sales numbers pass important milestones, it can also make predictive assessments of what will happen if you improve your engagement, even estimating your revenue increases if you take action.

Users can get a full grasp on the app's eye-opening capabilities with the training in The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle.

During these five courses, everyone from a first-time user to a semi-regular user can unlock all the secrets of Google Analytics, learning how to use all that information-filled data to make smarter, more profitable business decisions.

In the Google Analytics for Beginners: Hands-On Training Course, new users can hit the ground running with this thorough look at how to get started with GA. Students will learn how to use its deep array of dashboards and reports, and get practical experience in how to monitor the health of an online business and identify growth opportunities.

The Google Analytics Course expands on that ground-floor training, taking an even closer look at basic GA operations, like basic drill-down opportunities in the data and how to launch a Google Ads campaign. 

This practical hands-on approach to learning and using the app continues with the Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified and Earn More course, which should give budding analysts all the background they need to ace Google's official Google Analytics certification exam. 

This package closes with a closer look at another Google data app in Marketing Analytics in Google Data Studio. This course uncovers how users can craft their own customized reports in Data Studio, and take all the advantages of Google Analytics to another level.

A package of training that retails for nearly $1,000, the complete Google Analytics Master Class Bundle is available through this offer for a whole lot less, only $34.99 while this deal lasts.

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