I am keeping this season's sourdough starter in a tulip jar

I bought this lovely glass' Tulip' jar for keeping my sourdough starter on the counter.

Last Spring I decided to not bother keeping sourdough starter in the fridge. Having started a starter from scratch and found it super easy to work with during the cooler months, it went rancid on my counter during a brief trip out of town. I wasn't going to bake until temperatures dropped back into pants range anyway. I was keeping that starter in a Ball Jar.

The Ball Jar looked boring but putting a rubber band around it at the 'just fed' level let me see how it was doing. This was far better than the stoneware crock I had been using for 11 years.

I wanted less boring. I wanted glass. I found this Toysdone Tulip Jar. It is darling and has a strawberry on it.

I removed the rubber gasket and put it away with the metal clips. The glass lid stays nicely in place for me and allows the gases produced by the yeast to vent without allowing any bugs in.

1 liter is the perfect size.

Toysdone Tulip Jar – Single 1-Liter Jar via Amazon