StartMail privatizes your email with a level of security you might not have known you needed

For years, you've heard experts talk about having a solid VPN service to safeguard everything you do online. It's sound advice, especially when you consider what can happen if someone gains access to sensitive information, like your bank access details or online account logins.

Yet, too often, we overlook the fragile state of our own email security–and that's a mistake. While many free services like Gmail do have some security protections, all it takes is a weak password or clicking on a phishing link to expose all of your emails and contacts.

StartMail is a private email service that basically works like a VPN for your email, adding in those extra layers of much-needed protection for any email user.

StartMail was created by the makers of StartPage, a search engine designed to preserve privacy and protect user information. The company is also based in The Netherlands, and adheres to European Union GDPR privacy laws, among the strictest privacy safeguards in the world.

With StartMail, all of your email is fully encrypted from end-to-end. All contact between the user and the StartMail services is protected by their state-of-the-art technical and organizational security. All of your correspondence is stored in your own encrypted user vault with 10GB of storage space. In addition to all of your emails being protected, you can also add encryption to any email you send, even if the receiver has no such coverage in place. 

While spam may seem more annoying than dangerous, it can still open the door to malware, phishing, and other dangers. With StartMail, you can set up an unlimited number of disposable email accounts, so you can direct e-commerce or other irrelevant emails to a separate account. It also allows you to create custom, professional email addresses that offer more legitimacy to any startup business correspondence as well.

StartMail is MAP/SMTP compatible, which means you can also link your StartMail in popular email platforms like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. Additionally, the ad-free StartMail service vows to never mine your email for data or use it to try to sell you products–ever.

Right now, one year of StartMail Private Email Service, usually priced at $59, is now on sale at almost 50% off, only $29.99.

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