The Levo II makes creating oil infusions from your favorite botanicals brilliantly simple

While it's a process that's been used for centuries, you'd be surprised by the way infusion has taken cooking and medicine by storm. 

For those not as familiar, infusion is sort of like seasoning on steroids, extracting all components of an herb–including its flavor, scent, color, and nutrients–and transferring those properties into another carrier, like an oil or butter. Whether you're seeking nutritional, therapeutic, medicinal, or culinary benefits, infusion can be just the means to deliver the essence you seek from your botanical of choice.

On the negative side, infusion can often be messy, tedious and ineffective in the wrong hands. The Levo II Herbal Oil Diffuser makes its case for being just the right hands, a premium kitchen appliance that streamlines the infusion process to make it incredibly efficient and easy.

Whether you're making salves or soaps, smoothies or salad dressing, the Levo II automates all the steps for herbal infusion. Users just add their herb of choice into the Levo II's power pod, then run the plant through a dry or activate cycle, dehydrating and heating the herb to bring out its base qualities. The smell control technology also reduces aroma dispersion, locking in the scent so it says with your finished product, including items like scented candles.

From just a quarter ounce of crushed herbs, you can turn it into 19 ounces, or just over 2 cups, of infused and highly potent oil or butter. The durable silicone stirrer doesn't aerate your ingredients, which helps it achieve a longer shelf life with no solvents, additives, or emulsifiers required.

And, just like any good 2020 appliance, the Levo II can be monitored wirelessly through the Levo app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. With the app, users can not only control their infusions from anywhere, but also access their history, use the time and temperature calculator, share and find recipes, and more. Plus, with dishwasher safe components, the whole thing breaks down easily for a quick clean-up. 

You can hop on the infusion bandwagon with the Levo II Herbal Oil Diffuser and save almost $40 off the regular price. With the current offer, you can get it now for only $211.99.

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