The PowerUp 4.0 attaches a computer brain to your paper plane

If you want to engage in some joy this holiday season, we have the perfect gift for your fun-loving family member, or even for yourself…you can now effectively turn paper airplanes into drones.

For those who have spent countless hours meticulously folding aerodynamically pure paper planes that can slice through the air like a real F-16, technology now allows you to strap an on-board computer to your handmade craft and get into some serious high-altitude fun.

It's all courtesy of the PowerUp 4.0, the fourth generation of this Kickstarter-fueled project that changes the game for those simple folded-paper planes you've always enjoyed. And, we should point out that paper planes aren't really just paper anymore. In fact, PowerUp 4.0 works with planes made from paper, as well as other materials like foam, cardboard, or even Balsa wood.

The heart of the PowerUp is a Bluetooth-enabled flight computer that attaches to the nose of your plane, effectively becoming the true cockpit for their flyer. Once connected, you can then fly your craft right from your smartphone, including built-in launch-assisted takeoffs and autopilot flight modes to put your plane in the air–and keep it there. 

Sporting a 6-axis gyro, this dual-propeller system can be run through a host of fun aerobatic flight modes, allowing you to execute loops, barrel rolls, and hammerhead maneuvers with the push of a button.

Made with a heavy-duty carbon fiber body, including a nylon-reinforced nose and motor mount, the PowerUp 4.0 is designed to withstand bumps, bangs, and even an unexpected crash. And if your plane flies out of its impressive 230-foot range, the onboard computer will safely land itself.

With a quick 30-minute MicroUSB charge, you can keep your plane up in the air for about 10 minutes of flight time, traveling at up to 20 mph.

For young creators, this provides invaluable first-hand experience with the properties of physics and aerodynamics, and offers countless opportunities for experimentation. It even has a wind stabilizer function to automatically calibrate your plane for less-than-perfect weather conditions. 

Regularly $189, you can now take your paper-flying to the next level with the PowerUp 4.0, and save almost $25, on sale now for only $164.99.

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