Save half off a 1-year Sam's Club membership and get some free food!

Saving money has always been important. However, you could make the case that every instance of saving a dollar these days has never been more important. Meanwhile, we're all trying to limit our exposure to the outside world as well. So, if you can hit a big warehouse store, load up on every household essential, save some money, and not have to shop again for weeks, or even months at a time, that's a deal worth considering.

With that in mind, Sam's Club is offering a great deal on one-year memberships to their exclusive members-only warehouse shopping locations. It's an offer that could consolidate all of your 2021 grocery purchases as well as save you some serious money–and the membership itself is less than the cost of a tank of gas.

Of course, you already know about Sam's Club. With nearly 600 locations in 44 states, it's everywhere–offering extended discounts on virtually anything you need, including groceries, household items, electronics, furniture, and other essentials.

With this current offer, the cost of your 12 month Sam's Club membership is just $28.88. At just over $2 a month, that's already a healthy savings off the regular $45 annual fee. But, just to sweeten the deal, Sam's Club will throw in a pair of their most popular grocery items as a thank you: an 8-pack of their gourmet cupcakes (a $7.98 value) and a seasoned rotisserie chicken (regularly $4.98). 

Just to go even more above and beyond, Sam's Club will also give you a complimentary household card for more savings off some of their other already low-priced items. Many families are still blowing through food and other household goods just as fast as ever, so with this membership, you'll basically have the ability to stock way up on virtually everything you need. And, with all the freebies factored in, they'll almost be paying you to give you their exclusive membership.

This deal is only good for new Sam's Club members in the U.S., so it's not valid on membership renewals. Right now, get in on the offer with the annual membership for just $28.88, plus the cupcakes, the rotisserie chicken, and the complimentary household card. That should take you into 2021 with everything you need.

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Prices subject to change.