Trump "frantic" as lawsuits fail and hopes for legislative coup dim

Trump's legal efforts to prevent states confirming president-elect Joe Biden's win are falling apart, reports CNN, as has his attempt to convice Michigan legislators to ignore the vote and select Trump-friendly electors instead. His efforts are becoming "frantic," writes Zachary B. Wolf.

Overturning the results of one state's election would be brazen and horrible enough. Overturning three would be a macabre triple Lindy.That doesn't mean Trump won't try. Two sources tell CNN there are discussions currently underway with the President about inviting Republican state legislators from Pennsylvania to the White House. It's not clear if those invitations have been extended yet, but Trump has expressed interest in doing so as he tries to insert himself into the vote certification process.The election certification deadline for both Michigan and Pennsylvania is Monday, so the plotting will have to move into overdrive if it's to be anything more than a delusional sideshow.

Trump's coup effort seems doomed to failure, but he has the tacit approval of his party—only one Republican senator has denounced it—and the attempt alone is a disaster for American democracy. If the election had been closer, Trump and the GOP could have pulled it off.

At least Democrats are starting to see how ridiculous Biden's outstretched hand looks, what with Mitch McConnell standing there spitting on it.