Vladivostok man barely avoids concrete slab falling from sky

The Siberian Times posted this footage of a man scraping ice off his car in Vladivostok. He hears or notices something alarming and leaps out of the way moments before a huge slab of concrete crushes the vehicle. Even by the chilly standards of the Russian Far East, the weather is unseasonally bad.

Overnight ice rain and north winds turned Vladivostok, Russia's Pacific capital and most of the Primorye region into a frozen land with hundreds of power lines cut by wet snow. In Vladivostok alone 900 block of flats were left without electricity, while elsewhere in the region 120,000 people reported problems with heating, light and water in flats and private households. Flights were delayed, many roads and several bridges were shut with local authorities urging drivers to stay home. Schools and kindergartens had to close.