Save an extra 40% on this software that will help troubleshoot your WiFi issues

The Dead Zone isn't just a great Stephen King novel. It's also that unfortunate area in your house where WiFi signals go to die. Dead zones may be caused by actual physical barriers in your home, like a wall or a refrigerator. It could be that the distance between your router and that particular spot is just too far. If you're in a dense urban living space, other routers and devices owned by your neighbors could be wreaking havoc, as well.

No matter what causes the problem, you have only one concern: how to solve it. Dropped phone calls, poor loading speeds, and unwatchable streaming glitches can bring frustration to a whole new level of unbearable.

WiFi isn't just a luxury anymore. It's a necessity. And, with a lifetime of NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer service, you can be sure you and your home don't fall prey to those horrifying dead zones.

NetSpot has been one of the leaders in diagnosing WiFi problems for the past decade, causing iMore to declare that "you won't find a better app for figuring out why your WiFi isn't working the way you need it to."

Using the Mac-based app, users can create a hyper-detailed analysis of their entire environment. Whether it's a home, an office, or both, NetSpot's mapping feature conducts a thorough network site survey of the entire floorplan to determine where WiFi is booming, or where it's facing trouble.

NetSpot's full "heat map" visualization report charts signal strength of literally every signal within range. In addition to the WiFi nodes, NetSpot also finds all that environmental "noise" that could be causing problems with WiFi strength, including microwaves, cordless phones, and even interference from competing WiFi networks. It identifies ways around dead zones and tells users exactly where to put WiFi range extenders to boost their signal strength, and whether radio channels are assigned properly.

In addition to a home with maximum WiFi efficiency, this app access also includes lifetime updates, so you'll always have the latest tools for combatting any connectivity issues. 

NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer is usually priced at $68, but when you add the early access to Black Friday 40% savings on top of the already discounted price, you can secure this vital service for only $23.99. Just make sure to enter the promo code BFSAVE40 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.

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