Check out this moving duckbill face mask

My friend sent me this wonderfully shady Instagram ad the other day:

These are "talking" duck face cover that are hand made
When you move your jaw the bird mouth will open and close.
It's a face cover that is not only comfortable and functional,
but also demonstrate personality and provide a source of fun.

*Do not produce noise, they mimic the action of talking whilst you move your jaw, note because everyones facial structure is different,
 efficiency and functionality differs from person to person. 

I'm not sure how good these things are for preventing the transmission of airborne viruses, but hey, they're weird and fun!

The original link I found for this was shady as hell. There are a few different options on Amazon — although honestly, those sellers don't look so reliable either.

After a little digging, I think I found the original source on Etsy.

Unfortunately, he's sold out at the time of this writing. Supposedly he'll have more in stock soon, so you can finally make all your dreams come true.