Get the voice-activated Google Home Mini for your home on sale for just $19.99

If you'd told people 20 years ago that they would soon be able to buy a device that could control their home electronics, appliances, security, and even play their favorite songs or read them headlines, all through the power of their voice, they'd have been eager to get their hands on it.

But while everybody in the year 2000 would want one, most buyers would instinctively arch a skeptical eyebrow and ask how much of their net worth they'd have to cough up for this gadget. And, even with 2021 creeping up on us now, it's still actually kinda hard to believe you can buy something like that now for under $20.

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that has truly revolutionized how things in your house operate.

Powered by Google Assistant, this power-packed little Mini essentially puts all the abilities of the Google network of apps and services just an utterance away. If you want to enjoy music, podcasts, or audiobooks, just shout out a "Hey Google", and you can stream it right to the device. Or, use it to actually control devices like your TV, turning it off and on, adjusting volume, playing YouTube videos, and more.

Of course, the TV is only one of the smart objects around your house that can be fully controlled with voice commands through the Mini. Everything from smart light bulbs, to smart appliances, to smart security cameras, to smart thermostats can be adjusted and customized to fit your needs using the Mini.

Beyond home functionality, its intimate connection to the entire Google ecosystem means it can do most everything you usually turn to Google to do for you. You can ask it questions like you were conducting a Google search, and it'll serve up the answers. It's also tied in to Google Calendar, so it can help you schedule appointments, or keep on top of important details like flight information. 

Or, you can just use it to help get you through your day, like finding recipes, setting reminders, making phone calls, doing calculations, and completing literally hundreds of other helpful tasks to help you keep your life on track.

Right now, the Google Home Mini is Black Friday-friendly, priced at under $20–$19.99, to be exact. Get it in either the light-colored chalk model or the darker charcoal version to fit into your particular room decor. If you're one of the few that resisted getting a home assistant before, this price should be enough to get you to hop on the bandwagon.