Don't forget your dog or cat with these 20 deals that are still on sale at Black Friday prices

As the final hours on many of these Black Friday deals tick down, you will undoubtedly be struck with the sudden memory of someone who somehow escaped your holiday list up to that moment. Maybe it's the mailman. Or it could be that officemate you haven't seen in-person since March. Or, maybe, it's someone who's sitting next to you this very minute. Like, your adorable cat or dog

They'd forgive you for missing them this holiday season – but you won't. So, instead, check out these 20 great gift ideas for the pooch or feline you love, all at Black Friday prices. And, if you hurry, you can still get 20% off your total when you use the promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout.


Automatic Ball Launcher and Dog Feeder – $34.36 after promo code; originally $49

It's the greatest thing ever for your dog – they get to play and eat. Your dog drops a ball into this feeder, which launches the ball forward. That also triggers the dispenser to serve up a portion of your pooch's favorite treats. They'll get a good workout from an exerciser that also challenges their mind.

EZ-PET Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder – $63.99 after promo code; originally $99

For the times you're not around, this feeder not only makes sure your dog gets to eat, but never forgets you, either. You can program this right from your smartphone and dispense meals to your good boy or girl, even when you aren't home. It even lets your dog hear your voice when food is delivered.


Cute Cat House Bed – $27.19 after promo code; originally $39

It's the perfect spot for your cat to curl up. The ultra-soft, pet-safe cotton and fur are warm and inviting, while the covering helps your feline feel safe and protected, while still maintaining a vantage point so they can see everything happening around them. It's also got a non-stick bottom so it won't slide around on tile or hardwood floors.

Dragon Ball Cat Cave – $26.39 after promo code; originally $43

Here's another cat castle that almost doubles as a hiding place – just how cats like it. The furry lining inside is made from warm, comfortable wool felt and velvet, so your cat will always be cozy. Plus, its versatile design gives it a unique, distinctive look in any home.

Wickman Dog Sofa – $79.99 after promo code; originally $129

This lounger is truly the essence of canine comfort. At over two feet long, the deep sofa cushion base, tall built-in back cushion, and rounded arms make a perfect spot for your dog to relax. It's raised off the ground, so there aren't any moisture problems. And, it's all designed with a durable, removable, and washable cloth so it never turns into a shredded, smelly mess.


Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell – $20.79 after promo code; originally $30

Your dog will be able to tell you when he/she wants to go outside or come back in with this doorbell most dogs can figure out. Thanks to the built-in treat holder to help with training, your dog nudges the yellow push plate to ring the chime inside or out that they're at the door. You can even put one both inside and outside to help your dog start training themselves.

Wicked Ball: Interactive Toy for Cats – $34.36 after promo code; originally $49

Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy – $55.96 after promo code; originally $99

Here are smart toys that can keep your dog or cat entertained for hours. Funded by Indiegogo and Kickstarter fans, the cat-friendly Wicked Ball and dog-centric Wickedbone are made to challenge pet loneliness or boredom. With three different interactive play modes, Wicked Ball helps cats fully mobilize their enthusiasm and curiosity, while balancing rest and play time. 

Meanwhile, Wickedbone offers 9 interactive modes that work automatically, or can be controlled by your phone. It's even smart enough to read how your dog is reacting and change how it moves accordingly. 

Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy – $39.99 after promo code; originally $59

The Arf Puzzle Toy is another method for making your dog smarter, while offering exercise and those rewarding treats they love. Your dog's memory actually improves as they learn to press the remote button, which makes a fun sound as it releases treats from the dispenser up to 100 feet away. They'll run to go get the treats, even if you put the dispenser in another room. 


EZ-PET Retractable Leash with Bag Dispenser – $15.99 after promo code; originally $39

When your dog's ready to get up and go, the retractable 16.5-foot leash can help them set the pace. Heavy-duty and crafted for medium-sized to smaller dogs, this leash also has a brake and lock feature to set your leash length right where you want it. It's also got a roll of 20 plastic bags you can dispense when it's time to clean up after your mutt.

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack – $95.99 after promo code; originally $199

Since dogs shouldn't have all the traveling fun, this cat-focused backpack can get them outside as well. With ample ventilation and clear plastic so your cat can always see and breathe comfortably, this tote can carry cats up to 20 lbs. in style, whether you've got five kittens or one "fat cat." This is a good way to finally ditch that bulky, uncomfortable carrier once and for all.


Pet Grooming Glove Ideal Brush and Massage Tool-Perfect – $7.19 after promo code; originally $16

You love your pet…but many can be absolute shedding machines. This grooming glove eliminates the need for grooming brushes, allowing for happy petting and stroking that can remove all that excess hair that ends up everywhere. It's adjustable to fit any sized hand, and it's also machine washable.

FurZapper Pet Hair Remover for Clothes & Laundry: 2-Pack – $10.39 after promo code; originally $14

When even a trip through the washing machine isn't enough to clean up all that stray animal hair, the FurZapper is here to help. Drop it in the wash with your clothes, sheets, and more. The FurZapper helps remove fur, hair, lint, dander, and other debris on anything that you wash and dry. 

EZ-PET Shampoo Dispensing Grooming Brush – $12.79 after promo code; originally $34

This soft-bristled cleaning brush includes shampoo inside that can be dispensed with a button, eliminating the problem of holding the brush, a bottle of shampoo, and your dog at the same time. With light brushing, you get a rich foam that gets your dog cleaner than with other brushes – and with a lot less mess.

SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner – $31.99 after promo code; originally $45

Since everyone hates cleaning the litter box, the SiftEase makes it simple. Dump the dirty box in the shifting basket as it quickly separates waste from the clean litter, then just put the remaining fresh litter back in the box. That way, stinky clumps don't break apart like they do during scooping, so you get a clean box both you and your cat will heartily approve of.

VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator – $35.99 after promo code; originally $72

This odor-killer doesn't mask odors. It uses science to literally break them down. The VentiFresh ECO uses a UV catalyst core and natural photosynthesis to decompose odors and produce clean air. Based on how NASA uses photocatalyst technology on the International Space Station, this is a much more down-to-earth way to wipe out those foul smells around your litter box area.

For the humans

Puppy Trek Board Game – $20.79 after promo code; originally $30

What kid doesn't love puppies? In this board game for 5 to 12 year olds, puppies race down a winding path through the Oregon wilderness to get home. The rules are simple; the illustrations by artist Megan Myers are beautiful, and players get to learn about nature, take part in fun physical and mental activities, and maybe even make some new friends.

Allergy Test My Pet Kit – $55.99 after promo code; originally $99

If your pet is showing signs of itchy skin, an upset stomach, or other conditions, it could be a food allergy. With this kit, a sample becomes a report on more than 100 intolerance or sensitivity issues that may be causing the problem. You'll discover factors that could be impacting your pet's well-being, including food and environmental allergens, as well as household products you may want to avoid to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit – $139.99 after promo code; originally $199

Since your dog probably won't be able to tell you about their lineage themselves, this DNA test is the next best thing. A research partner of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark looks at 200k genetic markers to offer an all-inclusive report on your dog's genetic background, covering its breed, ancestry, and relatives. Now, you can learn your dog's complete family tree.

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Plus Full Genetic Screening – $143.19 after promo code; originally $225

DNA My Dog wraps both services into one. First, it tests your dog for all the DNA markers to determine breed, history, family relations, and more. Then, owners also get a full screening for their dog for 100 of the most common diseases for their breed. If anything in their DNA shows genetic health risks, this testing will show it.

Prices subject to change.