Get this awesome WiFi-enabled digital microscope on sale for an extra 20% off

The microscope might have been the first smart object, even back in the days before phones and WiFi connectivity ruled our world. Because think about it…is there really anything smarter than a microscope?

But, we're now living in such an interesting age that now we've come up with a way to make a microscope a smart microscope. And it's really pretty glorious.

This WiFi Digital Microscope from Mesay is just as cool to check out as you would think. Suitable for any kid or adult with an interest in the microscopic world, this instrument can provide between 50, and all the way up to 1,000, times magnification on any object. Whether it's for schoolwork, up-close examination of a collectible, or even just to marvel at the amazing insect world, this device has the power to bring almost everything to larger-than-life life. It's also packing an 8 LED light array with adjustable brightness, so you can always get just the right amount of light on anything under your gaze. 

But of course, where a fun, yet old school microscope ends, this new school, ultra-modern microscope continues. This device connects to any iOS or Android device via WiFi, allowing you to send the images under your super-magnified lens right to any connected device. This microscope can also connect to a laptop via USB cable as well.

And, did we forget to mention this microscope also works as a camera too?  It can not only zoom in, but also take photos and record videos at up to 1920x1080p HD-quality resolution. 

The microscope itself is barely bigger than six inches, making it highly portable so you can take it anywhere. You'll also get the metal tripod stand to hold the device in place for all of your scientific explorations.

With the final hours counting down on Black Friday pricing, you can still jump in now and pick up this WiFi Digital Microscope, retailing for $69, with the extra Black Friday savings of just $55.95.