E-ink photo frame doesn't need charging

I had to get an e-ink photo frame for an Xmas gift and, after exhaustively researching the matter for about 8 minutes, have decided that the one from Frame Labs is clearly the least cheesy. Its ArtFrame e-ink photo frame [Frame Labs] has an elegant, classy style rather than the Hobby Lobby bargain bin look of the others, and (like most e-ink gadgets) doesn't need recharging so long as you're happy with the current photo. It's monochrome and comes in two display sizes: 6.7" (800 x 600) for €300 and 9" (1200 x 825) for €400. Both models are matted so the actual frames are the same size, 297 mm x 210 mm (11.7"x 8.3", i.e. A4), and have local storage for 100 pics, uploadable via a built-in web interface.