Get a MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable and a 20-watt adapter for your iPhone 12

Just like the Lightning cable that came before it, manufacturers are now chasing Apple's latest step in ever-evolving charging technology, the MagSafe. If you haven't purchased an iPhone 12 yet, then you should know it can be charged with that old trusty Lightning connector like past models, or with the use of the new wireless MagSafe cable.

Using magnetics, this disc adheres right to the back of the new iPhone, feeding wireless charging power to your device. Unfortunately, you won't find a MagSafe charger included with the purchase of an iPhone 12. But fortunately, you can get a MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable and 20-Watt Adapter for the iPhone 12 separately, right now.

This combination of charger and adapter is all a new user needs to enjoy all the benefits of the iPhone 12's wireless power-up. Unlike many wireless charging systems in previous years, the MagSafe includes magnets that help the charging connector lock onto the device and assure a steady power feed. Instead of suffering a subtle shift, which can break the charging connection, this tight grip keeps the device firmly secure so the power feed can go uninterrupted.

And, just like the Apple version, this MagSafe pumps out power as fast as your iPhone 12 can drink it up. The 20-watt power adapter helps serve up a fast and powerful charge at the limit of the device's capabilities. With this cable and adapter set, you can fill up about 50% of an iPhone 12's battery in only 30 minutes. The gear also works for all iPhone 12 variations, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Right now, Apple's own MagSafe Charger is $39 – and that's without the necessary power adapter. But with this offer, you get both the MagSafe Charger and the 20-Watt adapter for $6 off the regular price, at just $32.99 before this deal runs out.