This training bundle might be your ticket to a new career as a freelance writer

Lots of people think they can write. But a quick check of social media posts, blogs, and even some astonishingly mainstream media outlets prove that isn't always the case. Writing isn't easy. Writing well is even harder. And, writing well on a tight timeline is tougher still.

But, if you've got the talent and ability to do all three, those people who can't could soon be looking to you. They need talented writers so that all those web posts, newsletter copy, and even social media messages can happen – and those freelance assignments are out there for the taking.

With the training in The Freelance Writing 12-Course Bundle, students are armed with the tools to find and get those freelance gigs, even potentially earning enough to quit their 9-to-5's to focus on working as their own boss from home, full-time.

The course package is led by Laura Briggs, who was a former teacher before chucking it all to become a writer and speaker. The author of books like "How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business" and "The Six Figure Freelancer," Briggs can show you the path that worked for her, landing writing jobs and earning profits while doing what you love. 

These classes don't waste time teaching you how to write. Over these 12 courses, Briggs breaks down what it takes to build a solid freelance writing business, including all the inside stuff most freelancers don't regularly consider.

Like…how much do you charge? Or, what do you say in a cold email to get a potential customer's attention?

From landing your first gig, to assembling a head-turning proposal, to how to structure work to get assignments done both better and faster, this training gets into it all. There's even training on how to assemble other writers to expand your business.

Within a matter of months, learners discover how to quit their unfulfilling day jobs and make their own way as a freelancer, all from a course bundle that's now over 90% off. Regularly $497, the complete Freelance Writing 12-Course Bundle is available now for just $37.99.

Prices are subject to change.