A Collin's Lab look at eInk

When I was an editor at Make:, one of the products I was most proud of that we produced was Collin's Lab, with Collin Cunningham. When Collin moved over to Adafruit, he took the Lab with him.

Seeing a new Collin's Lab video is an all-too-rare experience, like spotting a rare butterfly in the wild. You're enriched by the experience, but you wish you sighted them more often.

In this latest Lab, the mad butterfly, er… Collin, looks at EPDs (electrophoretic displays), such as eink, e-paper, Think Ink. He clearly details how they work and tears one down to see what's inside. Spoiler: It's full of stars! OK, it's full of cool microelectronics, but still — wondrous stuff.

Image: YouTube