Zoho Creator makes building an app as simple as drag-and-drop

Part of the frustration many business owners feel comes from knowing some of the things they need to run their business better should be easy to produce. It shouldn't be hard to build an app where clients can schedule meetings or make payments. It shouldn't be hard to have an app that monitors your production flow and inventory. Yet somehow, the intricacies of programming can turn even simple app creations into a nightmare.

Zoho Creator was built to help get users over those humps. This app builder makes creating a functioning, working app that can streamline business operations as simple as ordering a pizza on Grubhub.

Zoho Creator offers an intuitive development platform that doesn't depend on knowing the ins and outs of coding to create a great app. In fact, many Zoho Creator app projects only require knowing how to click and drag to get even a complicated idea off the ground.

Rather than digging into heavy programming, Zoho Creator lets you build an app visually, whether you need to collect business data, automate processes or workflows, collaborate with other users, or even integrate with other apps. 

Users either pick an app template from the Zoho Creator archives or they can start a new one from scratch. Then, they can click and drag an assortment of different fields into the app to capture any of the information they need. From expense trackers to employee onboarding, from logistics, to sales management, to scheduling, Zoho Creator has loads of easy to use frameworks already built – all you need to do is customize it with the look and information you want before setting it live and sharing it with your team.

Zoho Creator integrates with some of the biggest business software powers on the scene. So, with a few clicks, Zoho Creator apps work seamlessly with Salesforce, PayPal, QuickBooks, and other key providers. Once they're ready, each Zoho Creator app also comes with a native version for both iOS and Android, allowing for anyone to interface with your app from any device easily.

With top reviews from users in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Capterra, PCMag, and more, you can get a year of Zoho Creator's app-building services now for almost 40% off, a $240 value now on sale for only $149.99.

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