Someone added lyrics to THE MANDALORIAN theme song

Here are the delightfully self-aware (but a little too long for an intro) lyrics:

Here's a man in an Beskar suit
Who's a walking armory
Bounty hunting to just make do
In the gig economy

His name is on the show
But we know who the star is
(space flute)
This puppet who's adorable and green
Turned out to be a tiny cash machine

Through the dustiest worlds he rides
Kicking ass and slinging guns
Like a mystery cowboy type
Hate to say, it's all been done

He's just Clint Eastwood with
A much sweatier hat

(space flute)

These references like No Name Trilogy
Go on and on like CVS receipts
John Wayne as well but that's a deeper one
His grandson does a lot of Mando's stunts (fun!)

Plus they did Seven Samurai
When they saved the village folk
And confirmed that his storyline
Is all based on Yojimbo
They just ripped off Japan
Like the westerns have done, too

And they did Apollo 13 shot for shot
That's a reference to humans who failed in space
In a show about space but it's cool the
Directors are family

Where is the line
Between homage and stealing?
Even ol' Firefly
Had a reference ceiling
One thing I know:
Thank God for Baby Yoda
Call him Grogu, I won't
But I just want to cuddle him
Though he partook in a light genocide
It's OK (to the distorted guitar)
But it's kinda not

But this whole plagiaristic trope('s)
Been in star wars since day one
Hidden Fortress inspired New Hope
Lucas added laser guns

I guess this is the way
It's par-sec for the course. PUNS!