The Allin1E Smoking Tool gathers all your smoking needs in one ultra-portable travel set

To be clear, cigarettes are not illegal. But if you're a smoker in America, it can probably often almost feel that way. Anyone carrying a lighter or the visible bulge of a cigarette pack tucked in a shirt pocket is all but guaranteed to get some side-eye in 2020.

But hey, we've all got our vices, right? And if you're going to smoke, surrounding yourself with cool accessories like the Allin1E Smoking Tool is a good way to help lower the heat on all those dirty looks and judgment.

From outward appearance, you'll never know this handy travel package was connected to smoking at all.  Made of aerospace-quality aluminum, this pocket-sized 4.5-inch long tube is completely discreet on the outside.

But once users take off the caps, they'll find an entire tobacco prep operation happening inside. On one end, there's storage for a trio of smoker must-haves, from space for a mini Bic lighter, to an area for the included cig-shaped quartz glass one-hitter pipe, to a slot for a stainless steel cleaning poker that is also included.

Meanwhile, users can also pop off the cap on the other end, which comes with its own two-piece grinding tool for grinding tobacco right into the built-in storage chamber. The 19 teeth break down and grind up the tobacco, with room inside to hold up over two minced-up grams.

In one ultra-consolidated EDC item, you can enjoy the taste of fresh-ground tobacco with a quick hit practically anywhere. The Allin1E also comes with three silicone O-rings that help keep moisture out of the cylinder. They also act as an oxygen barrier inside the chamber, trapping odors so they don't filter out or leave the interior always smelling of tobacco.

The Allin1E Smoking Tool retails for $59, but right now, it's included as part of the current sitewide sale ringing in 2021. If you enter the code HOLIDAY20 when you check out, that will take another 20% off your total price, dropping the cost of the Allin1E all the way down to just $24.79.

Prices are subject to change.