This training can help you jump into WordPress and find web success immediately

Sony, Variety, MTV, and The New York Times are on board. The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg, and Katy Perry too. Mercedes-Benz, Disney, and yes, even Star Wars. They're all instantly recognizable brands that use WordPress as the engine to run their iconic website locations.

It's no exaggeration to call WordPress the engine that runs the web these days, serving as the platform powering almost 40 percent of all the websites that exist on the internet today. While getting a website up and running with WordPress has become pretty easy these days, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of things to know before diving into working in the WordPress ecosystem. 

The Create Your Own Website with WordPress Bundle spells out everything new web creators need to know to take full advantage of their loaded platform.

The collection covers all the bases, five courses that dig into every facet of setting up a digital home in the WordPress space, no matter whether you're running an ecommerce outfit, blogging, or just trying to establish a homebase on the web.

In WordPress Complete Website MasterClass, students learn web design that even works for non-artists or stylists. Design fundamentals like colors and fonts team with helpful tools and current trends to help even first-timers build a professional website that will help any brand stand out.

Now that you can build a gorgeous site, the remaining four courses will help it get the proper attention. Creating WordPress Blog explains how to create a blog, publish articles, and build an audience using both free and premium methods. Next, WordPress eCommerce: Convert Your Website Into an Online Store attacks how to use WordPress as a seller, creating a digital storefront with all the customization options from carts to taxing and shipping, to sales, to even distributing discount coupons.

Meanwhile, Facebook Ads: Marketing your WordPress Website's Products documents best practices for launching Facebook ad campaigns to attract customers. Finally, WordPress Website Optimization and Technicals lays out all the tricks for tweaking your site with emails, tags, backups and more to run more efficiently and boost your standing in Google's all-important search engine rankings.

The Create Your Own Website with WordPress Bundle of courses is a nearly $1,000 value, but at more than 90 percent off, it's currently available for just $30 while this offer lasts.