This honeycomb-patterned gel cushion could be the answer to that nagging back pain

None of us are getting any younger. And while the ravages of time work differently on everyone, there seems to be one area where everyone from seniors down to the way-too-young start feeling discomfort first. Oh, that aching back.

A lot of that may have to do with how many of us spend huge portions of our day sitting, from time spent in the car to time spent in front of a computer to time spent on the couch watching TV. With everything from poor posture, to arthritis, to non-ergonomically aligned work stations all contributing to our collective back pain, there is a simple solution available that can work wonders.

Just get a lumbar support cushion.

The Honeycomb Breathable Sitting Gel Cushion may look odd, but it could end up being just the cavalry call your back needs to survive those long work days ahead sitting in your home office.

This cushion protects against a whole bunch of ailments, including offering maximum support to your body structure while reducing pressure on the tailbone and coccyx. Made with highly elastic intelli-gel material, the honeycomb design allows the cushion to essentially collapse in on itself when you sit down, which provides a healthy weight distribution, not to mention, comfort for your tailbone and other pressure points. 

Meanwhile, that honeycomb pattern serves a dual function, creating a latticework grid for air to circulate through the cushion so it remains cool to the touch. Unlike other gel-based materials, this waterproof cushion prevents unwanted sweating so your seat always stays supremely dry and comfortable.

This cushion works on virtually any seat from an office or computer chair, to a car seat, to your favorite recliner, to a travel buddy on a train or plane. The bottom of the cushion is made to be non-slippery, so you won't be sliding around on any surface.

The Honeycomb Breathable Sitting Gel Cushion usually sells for around $89, but right now, you can get an extra savings on top of the normal Boing Boing Store discount as part of a two-day 'ring in the new year' sale. If you use the code HOLIDAY20 when you make your purchase, you get an extra 20% off your total, dropping your final price for this back relief down to just $46.39.

Prices subject to change.