Tobias Baumgartner's remarkable photo of widowed penguins wins more awards

An older female and younger male fairy penguin who both lost their mates meet regularly in Melbourne, spending hours looking at the city lights and keeping each other company. Photographer Tobias Baumgartner describes the response since sharing his images:

I posted this image of these two Fairy penguins a little more than half a year ago and since then it has circled the globe, it has been seen by millions and I have received thousands of messages and comments of how these two little guys have touched and mended broken hearts, brought joy, hope and love into your lives. It has become a symbol of togetherness and love. Times are still not easy for many of us, thus I repeat what I wrote back then "During times like this the truly lucky ones are those that can be with the person/people they love most."

Here's a German report from Bild that includes video footage of the pair.

You can buy a print on his website.

Image: Instagram / tobiasvisuals